Death Note Manga

This is definitely the best suspense anime of all time and is very popular all over the world. The best way to define this anime is “it’s a mental game between two geniuses”, one that believes that criminals must pay their sins with their lives and acts like a god, the other guy is the …

How to Draw Japanese Manga Anime

How to Draw Japanese Manga Anime

Japanese manga is no longer considered a pop culture. It has established a foothold in the main entertainment media. You can find such evidence in media such as movies, television, and books. Nowadays, Japanese Manga is not grouped in the same category, as cartoons and children’s shows. You have American kitschy drawings like Tom and …

Ernak Manga

ernak manga

Manga Summary: Novice gamer Youngsik Yuu, who finds himself sucked into a game world several years in the past, attempts to make the most of his wealth of knowledge, to survive in a world unwittingly bracing for a huge war. Chapter 1: Read here